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A digital business card is an eco-friendly alternative to paper business cards with double the benefits. It saves you a tremendous amount of time and money spent to print high-quality paper business cards. It also saves the environment.

A digital business card is your ONE-STOP SOLUTION. You can store a lot of data in one place, share the same with anyone and connect twice better than before.

A digital business card can be used by anyone from a student to a business professional. This very platform can be used as a space to store your professional data that can be dynamically updated and shared with anyone.

Yes, you can create and share multiple business cards with the Sailax DBC app. But there is a limitation for free accounts. Individuals with free accounts can only create up to 3 cards, unlike the paid account.

Just download our app from the app store if you are an ios user or playstore if an android user and follow the directions.

Yes, you can share your card with anyone with or without the app.

You can share your digital business card via emails, text messages, NFC, vCard, VCF and social media apps

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Point your phone camera at the QR code to download the app

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