We like to keep it simple and straight, ergo the name

DBC is a digital platform that allows you to design your own unique digital business cards. Our solution eliminates your need to fumble for cards when in need of services and help you store a lot more information than just a paper business card. We make your business cards smarter. These cards can be sent across to anyone with or without the app. The gallery feature allows you to embed pictures and videos and add links to creatives as well. It simply is your ONE – STOP SOLUTION.

Enabling the transition from a physical to a digital identity we help you connect better. We live by the concept of sustainability and you can join us in doing your bit for the world.

Clever… yes, we are. Don’t judge us by the name. We are much more than just a regular digital business card.

Our vision - To help you stay ahead of the game

Carrying a heavy wallet with a bunch of business cards and not a wad of cash, we understand. We at ‘Digital Business cards’ give you a digital platform to cut through competition by designing cards that compliments you and your brand personality.

Our approach - MIC drop.

Modern- Interactive- Convenient.
We aim to give you a digital identity by making your business cards smarter and interactive. This ups your game leaving a great first impression on your client. It is also a modern and convenient way to carry a business card.
Let’s switch the bunch with a wad of greenbacks.

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