“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” – Suess

Make a plan for everyday

In this day and age barely any of us have mundane routines, umm not trying to hit the soft spot since the current scenario has made life a little mundane, but what the hell? there always is some new surprise in each day which might distract us.For example we all receive multiple spam and promotional emails, some which are actually useful. Instead of checking emails as soon as they arrive, maybe check it in batches, say every 3-4 hours? Planning each day will help to keep focus in spite of all distractions.To make it more impactful, prioritize each task based on their importance so that the task with highest urgency is completed first and so on.

Backtrack and use your previous experience

Often when life gets difficult, we feel like it has become a disaster. A few years ago, I happened to make a mistake in my work, and it upset my boss. I felt like I had let him down and was incredibly disappointed with myself. I was dejected for a few days. Today when I think about it, it was just a small hurdle in this experience we call life! Now that I reminiscence about it, I can barely recall the reason why it happened. What I learnt was that instead of sitting around moping, I could have used those few days to help others or create something. I will never get back those few days! So, instead of panicking in tough situations, ask yourself if it’ll matter in a few days, months or years’ time? Mostly likely, it won’t. Use your past experience to help deal with current situations. Don’t sweat and keep your eye on the big picture.

Try learning a new thing everyday

Push yourself to the limits. It’s the best way to grow! It need not be related to your field of work. It can be anything from learning a new recipe, learning a new language or even watch a motivational speaker on YouTube – so long as you gain some knowledge. If you make an effort to improve yourself everyday, just try to imagine the improvement over a year. Amazing isn’t it?

Keep your body healthy

A healthy body is the key to a healthy mind and the key to good health is…? You guessed correct! Exercise! There is absolutely no need for complex workouts, keep it simple but effective. Trust me, your energy levels will be higher for the rest of the day and you will see a gradual improvement in your health. A good 20 minute run 4-5 times a week is more than sufficient, so long as your diet is decently healthy.

Experiment with new things

Very often we don’t have an answer to many of our problems. The best way to ascertain, experiment! It can be as simple as will minced garlic or chopped garlic taste best with this new recipe! In today’s age of technology, many traditional practices are being digitized, for example storing data on the cloud. Even business cards these days are being made digital. Join the trend, create your personalized Sailax Digital Business Card now!