“What people say about you when you are not in the room is real-time branding” Jeff Bezos

Read that twice and ponder upon the thought! It’s the thoughts and feelings about a person we have in their absence that really matter. Digital business cards take care of your personality even in your absence. Even though many conservatives believe that branding has a lot more to do with your office space, your company functionality and the way you look at reality have changed a lot after the pandemic phase has entered our lives.

 We Must Have Business Continuity during Covid-19.

The association of a brand and company to the physical aspect in the past and now the virtual identity of any brand is so much more significant. We all know the need of being present on social media. It’s the gateway to unlimited opportunities for all kinds of businesses. To make it even more professional one can go one step ahead of their competition by having a digital business card design.

Curating a strong and everlasting impression through digital business cards is the shortest way to steal the limelight amongst your potential customers and clients. Owning digital business cards is what will set up apart from the everyday soaring competition in the world no matter what niche you belong to. Here is our guide that you can follow to make your personal brand impactful with digital business cards.

Digital Business Cards Design for Personal Branding

STEP 1: Choose how you want to look

If you are looking to create your personalized brand through digital business cards then you must have a clear idea about what you are looking for. The options you get at the DBC app for Android or DBC app for IOS can be overwhelming as there is a wide range of features you get as free as well as paid options. While creating a business card you can picture it like your profile where you want only the best of your work must be highlighted. This will give you a framework of what you want your digital business card to look like. Creating a digital business card is like creating a virtual identity that showcases your best self even in your absence and even on the days when you don’t feel too professional.

Making a business card that presents your best work of life can open a gateway to larger areas of life that help your digital identity to get boosted as a brand.

Pro Tip: Choose the custom brand which is easily available at DBC. Just download the app and you are ready to roll.

STEP 2: Amplify your work

Let’s get straight to business. If you are considering designing a digital business card then it is mostly for professional reasons. Hence, it’s mandatory to add all links, photos, PDFs, videos, and everything else related to your work. Yes, you read it right. While considering a digital business card design do consider options where putting all your work in the cards is possible so that you have maximum towards the audience.

At DBC you get unlimited space on your digital business card. You can add anything and everything to it. We offer zero limits on the information you wish to present and the way you wish to present it. There are other offers your get access to by simply downloading the app like:

  • Unlimited shares
  • Add social media links
  • Add images
  • Add your bio

STEP 3: Share with your potential clients

Designing the best business cards is fruitless if you have a limit to sharing them. Before you choose to make your business card through research that you can freely share it with as many people as you want without any hidden terms or limits on transferring the digital business card. In a world where you are looking for opportunities audience is the boss and nothing is as important as being active amongst your audience as you may never know who likes you and your work so Don’t Hand it Just Share it.

When you choose to make a digital business card design on DBC you get a whole playground to yourself. You get access to unlimited shares in both paid as well as free digital business card options. It is a bonus feature if you are an active working professional, entrepreneur, or freelancer who is looking for opportunities to socialize on daily basis.

Business Cards Design - DBC

There are so many additional features that you can get access to by simply downloading DBC. Let’s walk through all of them.

  • Custom branding
  • Add all your necessary work details
  • Zero limits to information
  • Zero limits to sharing of business card
  • Contactless sharing
  • QR code scanner
  • Ai scanner for quick access
  • 90-second brand video
  • Directions
  • Easy and automatic updates
  • Create traffic
  • CRM integration
  • Card color customization
  • IOS & Android

Get onto the branding journey with DBC and witness the boom in your professional life with the most advanced way of socializing in your daily professional life. DBC is proven to be 80% cheaper than any other average printed business card. It ensures that you get 90% better connectivity to your audience. It’s undoubtedly a 100% smarter option from all angles be it digital advancement, sustainability, or your power of being omnipresent with one of the best digital business cards. The free plan is most suitable for businessmen, entrepreneurs, freelance artists, writers, etc. If you are looking for an endless opportunity being a corporate agency or a full-fledged company then we would recommend choosing a premium plan. It offers a dynamic approach and growth to your business.

What are you waiting for? Now you have all that need to make yourself in a brand that’s popular amongst your potential consumer or clients. Pick up your phone and download the DBC app on Android or download the DBC app on IOS today. You can get access to it on Android as well as IOS. So, get started on your branding journey and let the ball be in your court while you deal with your clients. Digital business card design is an unlimited opportunity for every professional. Try today!