Imagine spending a day without checking your emails! Imagine spending a day without checking your messages! Imagine spending a day without your mobile phone! Feeling anxious? I already am!Don’t fret, most of us will feel this way. Life in the 21st century revolves around technology and it’s next to impossible for us to imagine a day without it. Not only us humans, but even businesses rely heavily on technology. Businesses these days have seen a major boost in their profits, customer service, etc. because of technological advancements.

Mobile devices

Most would agree that the purpose of any business is to generate money. The best way to do this is probably to keep your customers happy. Businesses want to be actively involved in the daily lives of their customer – this way they can ensure the customer has a system for sharing their praises or grievances. Moreover mobile devices ensure business owners can access their system from anywhere in the world. This ease of access is very crucial for businesses in these modern times where even a second of downtime can be very costly. Only drawback I can think of at the moment is “BOSS CALLING…”

Cloud computing

Since the advent of the 21st century, cloud computing has become a major part of almost every business. The cloud offers an easy and secure way to store large volumes of data. What before used to take a room full of files and folders of customer data, now just occupies a very small fraction of space in the cloud. Moreover searching and accessing this data is easier than ever, rather than physically going and scanning every document to find what you needed. Many companies provide other cloud services to other business e.g. analyzing data, profiling a customer, etc. These help the business create more targeted marketing.


The best of a human brain can perform 1000 operations per second. It is safe to say a computer is faster. Much faster by a factor of 10 million to be precise. Thus whether it is transferring data or shuttling people from one place to another, technology accelerates the rate at which a business operates. What used to take weeks through face-to-face interaction or post, can now be accomplished within seconds by the press of a button. Purchasing items from the web, money transfers online, etc. tends to boost the production cycle. Technology has helped make production, sale and distribution of commodities much faster.


Agreed, because of the industrial revolution our world has been contaminated with dangerous pollutants. However, this being said, technology these days has found a way to do the same processes in a cleaner and greener way. For example, the dependency on fossil fueled power generation stations have been reducing as hydro and solar power generation stations are being used more widely. Businesses can save overhead costs by replacing all their electrical appliances to power saving devices. Now with emails and text messengers, communication is simpler than ever. No need to write documents and send it across via physical mail – a huge saving on paper.  Do you still think we need paper Business cards? Switch to Sailax digital business cards today and keep up with the changing times.